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Testimonials for Yolanda at PhDMilk


From Jen H.Yolanda is an amazing, kind and knowledgeable woman.  Whenever I meet an expecting mom who wishes to breastfeed, I recommend Yolanda, because she helped give me the gift of breastfeeding.


Before my son was born, I was nervous about being able to breastfeed because I knew some people who were unable.  After my son was born, he was admitted into the NICU for rapid respiratory even though he was full term.  He was immediately placed on formula supplemented with whatever breastmilk I could pump. 


When he came home from the hospital, I tried to nurse him using the nipple shield provided by the hospital.  It was painful and not going well.  My doula recognized that I needed a lactation consultant and helped to put me in touch with Yolanda. 


Within a day or two, Yolanda was able to come.  She loved meeting our son and patiently listened about the birth, NICU, and breastfeeding.  I felt at ease and confident that Yolanda could help.  She immediately fixed several things that were making breastfeeding painful including my son’s latch and the wrong sized nipple shield.  Yolanda also provided helpful written instructions for our action plan.  She came back two more times for moral support, infant weight checks, and further instructions on weaning off the nipple shield. 


As a result of having Yolanda’s breastfeeding expertise in my son’s first month, I have been able to exclusively breastfeed him or provide pumped breastmilk for his entire first year.



From John & Amanda : I've never experienced anything like the fear of not truly knowing if our baby boy was getting all the nourishment he needed.  My wife was having difficulty getting a good latch and we weren't sure if he was eating or worse, starving.  (Funny things you think about when it's your first child and you really don't know better.)

Anyhow, because we weren't sure if he was getting enough food we started supplementing with formula after breastfeeding.  This is the last thing we wanted to do - but we had to be sure.

The Lactation Consultants at the hospital where we delivered were OK, they weren't as readily available as we needed after taking our boy home. Because we needed real answers we reached out to a local Lactation Consultant and I've gotta tell you - we're sure happy that we did.  

We found Yolanda and she's great.  Within an hour of working together we're getting a much deeper and less painful latch - and we even weighed our son after his feeding.  Now we know, without a doubt, that he's getting the nourishment he needs.  

If you, or anyone you know in Orange County are having difficulties breastfeeding and you need a super knowledgeable, understanding and patient Lactation Consultant, connect with Yolanda.

And Yolanda, thank you so much for your personalized attention and care when we needed it.  We really appreciate it.

From Jessica S. Calling Yolanda was the best decision I could have made.  The first night home from the hospital was really hard--I wasn't getting good latches and I was in a fair amount of pain.  I couldn't stomach the thought of another long night, so I called Yolanda in the morning and she came to see me the same day.  She has such a great, positive presence and really knows her stuff.  She was able to help with all of our concerns and questions and was incredibly reassuring.  It really got things off on the right foot.  Plus, she made herself available for follow up questions by phone or text and even checked in with me days later to see how the baby and I were doing.  I would recommend her to anyone.  Some insurance plans will cover lactation consulting, but even if yours doesn't (and mine didn't) it was worth every penny for the peace of mind she gave us.


From Angela M. : As a new mom and not having done any research into breastfeeding during my pregnancy, I was very overwhelmed when I came home with Baby.  I would have stopped trying to breastfeed soon after coming home but my husband found Yolanda!  She did a few house calls to teach me about latch, timing feedings, how to recognize hunger cues, how to use my breast pump, etc. She was always available at a moments notice.- which is so important when you are nursing and are having issues. Yolanda was so knowledgeable and her relaxed demeanor put me and Baby at ease. I am much more comfortable breastfeeding after 11 weeks and Baby is gaining lots of weight.  I highly recommend her services!


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