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Yolanda Fortin Ph.D, IBCLC

I was born in the Midwest, and have lived in the South, the Northeast,
and now out West! I think living, loving, and learning in all these areas has made
me who I am today. So who am I? In my former life, I was a PhD neuroscientist. And then
I became a Mother. I was bitten by "the bug" a long time before I actually pursued my lactation education and doula training. As in all life journeys, it took me a while to recognize that nagging "bug" was my passion for helping Mothers and their babies achieve whatever goals THEY want to achieve. Life is hard and being a mother is harder still....sometimes we just need support that comes without judgement. I am here to offer 
that if you need me. Along with some of charge. 


Professional Training and Experience


I completed my lactation education and internship through the University of California-San Diego Lactation Consultant Program.  After almost two years of study and a year of lactation internship in the hospital, I passed my board examinations to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Completing my training was an amazing and humbling experience. Since then, I work primarily as a lactation consultant in hospital and private practice, and I have served as a lactation consultant for several OBs and pediatricians. I was also a breastfeeding educator and curriculum writer for Soul Food for Your Baby. I help support the clients of amazing local doulas, and midwives whenever they need me.  It has been, and truly is my pleasure to spend time with powerful women as they transform into more powerful, dedicated, loving Mothers. Each client I have contributes just as much to me, as I do to them. 


Personal Training and Experience


As a Mom of two children,  I know firsthand the challenges of life with a newborn, breastfeeding, dealing with sibling adjustment, all while recovering from cesarean delivery. Living far from family support was also tough, though some say having family around when you are just learning to be a parent can be tougher. Too often, I hear the stories of isolation we feel after having a baby...even when friends may be nearby offering to lend a hand. In this country, we overlook the enormous importance of the postpartum period (the 4th trimester). We don't treasure our Mothers and support our Sisters enough during this powerful, yet vulnerable time. I hope to fill that void for you. If you need me, I am here.
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